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Warning: You’re losing money, heat and cold by not using the right window

The type of windows you choose are one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when building a home or replacing old windows.

In the past, many of us placed aesthetics at the top of the list when it came selecting our windows. But today more emphasis is on energy efficiency.

Besides reducing your energy bill, energy-efficient replacement windows are also cleaner, brighter and more attractive.

If you’re in the market for new windows, here are some basic energy-efficient window replacement options you should consider.

Consider U-Value and Window Frame Material Energy efficiency in measured by a window’s U-value. This refers to how much heat gain or loss a window has through a window material.

The lower the U-value, the better is the insulation quality of a material. Tests continue to show that wood and u-PVC window frames outperform aluminium frames.

Wood framed window
Wood framed window

• Wood or timber windows—If you’re looking for superior energy-efficient windows, buy windows with these frames. Even though they offer the best energy efficiency, these window frames do need more maintenance than other types of frames. Furthermore, they may not be suited for humid, rainy regions.

• Wood-clad replacement windows are exceptionally energy efficient, as well as offer less maintenance than wood windows.

• There are also uPVC window frames. Although somewhat new to Australia, uPVC frames are commonly used in North America and Europe. They provide about the same insulating qualities that timber windows offer.

Aluminium frames
Aluminium frames

• Aluminium frames may not be the best material when it comes to energy efficiency, but it is a good choice for humid and wet areas like glass houses, or in areas that are prone to hurricanes as they’re exceptionally strong. Consider Window Style Window design should also be considered because some styles are more energy efficient than others.

• Double-hung windows, which are the most common style, are windows that open by sliding the bottom portion up. Although they may be effective in extremely cold regions, they’re not as suited in other climates. This is because air can escape between their sliders.

• Picture windows are rectangular, stationary windows that do not open. In addition to ushering light into a room, they’re also popular for their energy efficiency. The type of glass in a picture window is a critical when selecting a larger picture window. The gas-filled interior is also a key factor to consider.

Casement window
Casement window

• Casement windows open by using a crank that swings a window outward. This type of window is ideal for windy climates because when wind blows at your house, the window closes and seals even tighter. Other Considerations and Warnings

• The gap between two pieces of glass needs to be 12 mm, or even more, in order to give optimal performance. It also needs to be filled with Argon gas.

• As windows consist of a frame and glazing, both factors play a role in energy efficiency performance. You may want to use double glazing for reducing noise. If so, there’s need to be a gap ranging from 50 to 100 mm. Just keep in mind that this may somewhat reduce a window’s thermal performance.

SIngle, double & triple paned windows
SIngle, double & triple paned windows

• Double-paned, low-E, argon-filled replacement windows give much more insulation than single-pane windows do.

• Although triple-paned replacement windows can be more energy efficient in cold winter weather, they can compromise a window’s visibility.

• The type of climate you have is a major consideration when buying energy- efficient replacement windows. Australia is divided into three primary areas, which each one requiring various window properties for obtaining optimal results. Victoria is in the ‘Heating’ area.

• Check for air leaks in your windows. This can be done by using an infrared thermometer which measures the amount of ambient air temperature that’s around windows. Another option is have an energy auditor do a “blow-door” test.

Weather strip
Weather strip

• Applying weather-stripping around windows can significantly help in improving energy loss.

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