Expert Witness

Impartial assistance without compromise

Appointing a construction expert witness with broad construction experience and substantial qualifications is critical to a successful outcome. Call us for a confidential discussion on how we can help with your need for expert witness reports.

We are specialists in providing accurate expert opinion that reflects a detailed understanding of the complex nature of construction work, participants and any building disputes. This robust knowledge of theoretical and practical aspect is key to:

  • Developing sound solutions
  • Achieving desired financial outcomes
  • Creating factual reports that can withstand intense scrutiny
Independent, reliable and with authority

We know that disputes over building works, performance or related services can be difficult to resolve so we use a strategic approach that’s based on effective reporting and simple, frank and timely communications. We don’t pretend to give you legal advice but we do have the experience to provide you with clear and simple explanations of any building issues.

Rising above to see the big picture

With insurance industry data claiming that legal and expert costs average more than 40% of the actual settlement, we are dedicated to helping you to achieve an early settlement. Call us now for a free no-obligation chat about your options.